It’s a Blog Party, Jump In!

I’m starting a blog party.

I’m opening up this blog to the community.   The A Sales Guy community is a killer community with great passion and insight and I’ve been feeling it deserves something a bit more lively.   To make it happen I’ve been toying with a number of ideas and none have been perfect, so I’m going with an old Patton saying;

An good plan violently implemented today, is far better than the perfect plan implemented tomorrow.

The plan to kick it up a notch?  I’ve added Kapost.   Kapost allows multiple contributors to a blog; call it crowdsource blogging.

In the first side bar to the right you’ll see a button that says “contribute.”  Click it!  By clicking on this button you will be able to add a post to the A Sales Guy Community blog.  Write a post and it will be automatically added to the community.  A link to your post will show up in the widget above the button.  It’s that simple.   A little extra exposure for you and more cool stuff for this community to read, share and engage with.

Kapost also allows you to use RSS and automatically contribute to the A Sales Guy Community page from your existing blog. (you have to create a profile to do this, but its easy)

The community pages allow for comments, sharing, and promotion. I like to think of it as an info hub.  A place where great sales, leadership, start-up, entrepreneur and personal development posts can be shared, discussed, and promoted.

I like this idea.  It’s still a bit rough, but I know the guys and I expect things are only going to improve.

I hope everyone in this community jumps in.  It’s a great way to find great new blogs, meet a whole lot more smart people with smart ideas and of course a few extra readers to your blog ain’t a bad thing.

Just behind that green button is a blog party, you gonna jump in?  Can you hear all the noise?


Kapost is a Boulder Techstars start-up company class of 2010.  I was a quasi mentor for them.  I’m excited to be able to us Kapost on this blog.  They’ve come a long way from their original idea.  I suspect things are only going to continue to improve from here.    Congrats guys!!!!