It Takes Guts to be a Sales Person

Selling is a pretty cool gig. Sales people can make a lot of money. Sales people get to manage their own schedule and aren’t stuck behind a desk all day. Sales people have the luxury of controlling their income. There is no limit to what they can make, when they sell more, they make more.  Sales people go to cool customer events, get to play golf (although this is changing a bit), sporting events and nice dinners. Sales people have it pretty good.

So why doesn’t everyone want to be a sales person?

Because  . . .

It takes guts to only have HALF your salary guaranteed

It is sucks to be rejected on a daily basis

It’s hard calling up people you don’t know and asking them to meet you

It’s scary asking strangers for things

It’s uncomfortable challenging people

It’s tough being held accountable to black and white metrics. You can’t hide from the numbers

It’s not easy having your results constantly compared, in the open, to your peers

It’s not easy losing

It’s tough being fully accountable for your own success or failure

It’s not fun doing something where you can fail so quickly after be successful

Not everyone likes being in the spotlight

Unpredictability SUCKS

Most people don’t want to be in sales, because it takes GUTS! It takes guts most don’t have.

Here is to all of you who have the guts to sell and sell your ass off.