IPhone Experiment Results

My IPhone experiment is over. I’m writing this update from my Mac. That pretty much tells the story.

My MacBook shit the bed a week ago, just before I left on a week long trip. I couldn’t get it fixed before I left, so I had to use my IPhone for everything.

For context, I didn’t have to use my phone for VPN purposes, or to tap into any corporate ERP applications, other than Exchange.

What I did use the phone for was all my social interactions, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, blogging, (posting and commenting), email, and surfing the web.

The results of the experiment are pretty simple. The IPhone is a GREAT mobile device; literally. It’s a great augment for a desktop or laptop. It’s not a replacement. It did everything I needed it to. It just took 2 to 3 times longer to do it. There was an app for everything. I blogged using WordPress‘s app. I took notes and saved info using Evernote. The Facebook, LinkedIn, and TweetDeck apps were great. Besides loading times, they were as easy, if not easier than the desktop apps. I used IPhone’s Safari browser for the web. It was SLOW! It was definitely a deterrent to browsing. Also, I desperately want to see plug-in’s for mobile safari or a browser alternative.

I used a couple of other social services, like BizSugar who don’t have an IPhone app. Using them without a mobile app was painful. Note to internet services, build a mobile application quickly, very quickly.

At the end of the day I was able to do what I do on my laptop. It slowed me down. It took me out of my rhythm. I had to change my processes. But, I was able to do everything I needed.

I missed my laptop. That is for sure. The plus, I am now better with the IPhone keypad AND like a good Swiss army knife, if I ever lose my laptop again, I know I can survive with my IPhone.


What does this mean for the I-Pad? Will it close the gap?

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