I’m Fighting the Loser

I’m fighting the loser tonight. The loser is the little guy in all of us who looks to sabotage our efforts.

What sucks about the loser is he only hurts us. He never helps us.

The loser tells us to do it later. He tells us we’re too tired. He convinces us it’s not our job. The loser blames others when we screw up so we don’t have to blame ourselves. The loser is behind most of our failings.

The loser knows when we are vulnerable. And that’s when he’s at his best. When we are tired, frustrated, down, and feeling helpless, the loser in us springs into action convincing us that it’s OK to deviate from our goals, to push off our objectives or to avoid our commitments. The loser does everything he can to make us fail, to lose. That’s why he is called the loser.

The loser has been working on me all night. I wanted to do a blog post tonight. But, I am not feeling well, I have ton of other work, I wasn’t coming up with any good blog ideas and I had to write the post from my Iphone. (doing an Iphone experiment).

This is the type stuff the loser loves. It’s the ammunition he uses to thwart your efforts He uses it to get you to blow off what is important and then convinces you it’s justified.

The loser was telling me I didn’t have to, it was OK.

The loser is a master. He knows how to distract you and get you to take your eyes off the goal.

The loser will win everyone once in awhile. He’s that good. The key is to beat him more than he beats you.

He almost got me tonight. But, in the end I just couldn’t let him have this one. It never feels good when the loser wins.

To get where you want to go in life you have to get good at beating your loser.

How do you beat the loser?