I’m Black . . . Thanks!

I’m black

I was born in 1968

My mom gave me up for adoption

I was adopted by a white family in 1968

I grew up in several interracial neighborhoods (OK, semi-interracial)

I was accepted to college in 1987

I have a college degree

I became a proud first-time home owner in my early 30’s. (the late 90’s)

I have friends who are black, white, asian, hispanic, gay, jewish and everything in between. The in between seems to be growing.

I have been hired by Fortune 100 companies and small entrepreneurial companies.

I’ve been promoted in almost every job I’ve ever had.

I have no reason to believe I’ve ever been discriminated in any position I’ve ever had.

I have my own business.

I have clients from the south, the west, the north, the east and the midwest.

My business is growing.

I have no reason to believe no one will do business with my company because I’m black.

I have had an amazing life.

I have had the ability to pursuit happiness.

I have 3 beautiful girls whose future looks even brighter than mine.

Thanks Martin Luther King . . . 50 years and counting!


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