Ideas Aren’t Democratic

Idea’s come from everywhere. The good usually come from those who are not the experts or who push the limits. RIM and Apple are good examples. Why is it the mobile carriers didn’t design and create the two best mobile devices available?

Really good ideas are different. They usually don’t conform to what we know. It’s their lack of continuity with traditional thought that makes them good. It’s also what makes them difficult to stick.

When most of us get a great idea, we look for concurrence, we look for agreement and if we don’t get it, we move on. We measure an idea on the vote of others. If no one thinks it’s a good ideas we pack it in.

The problem is, great ideas aren’t democratic. Great ideas aren’t dependent on what others think. Great ideas depend on their premise and execution.

Great ideas in big companies almost always die, because not only do they require support from a bunch of people, it has to be the right people. They make ideas democratic.

Just because your idea isn’t getting the votes, doesn’t mean its not a good idea. Idea’s aren’t democratic. Don’t let the naysayers kick your idea to the curb.

Ideas only need one vote, yours. The rest is gravy. Spend less time on what other people think and more time worrying about execution.