I Wish My Friends Used Twitter

Me & The Boys! These are my boys. I’d go to batte for them. Yet none of them use Twitter. I wish they were. None of my other college buddies are on. None of my Ski Buddies are on. A tiny fraction of my offline friends are on Twitter. My wife is, @Yo_BigE, but she never uses it. It would be great if I could use Twitter to keep up with my friends. Since we’ve all been married and had kids, it’s getting more difficult to stay in touch. I would love to have a stream of my closest friends, just to keep up with what they are doing.

I’m getting the impression that I’m not the only one. My boy, Paul Dunay, of Buzzmarketing for Technology, had an interesting post about how teens haven’t adopted Twitter. Teens Text 12,000 times a month. Yet have found little value in using Twitter to aggregate their texting. Twitter is the perfect text aggregator. Being able to communicate with all my friends at once and continually see what they’re up to is one of the coolest parts of Twitter, yet it feels like no one is using that way.


Biz Stone, and Evan Williams (founders) of Twitter started it as an easy way to keep up with their friends. So what happened? Why is Twitter used more for meeting new online people, and spreading information across networks than it is for connecting offline friends.

I love Twitter. It’s part of my work flow. I’ve met some great people people on it. It’s my news portal. It’s my alternative search engine. It drives traffic to my blog. What Twitter doesn’t do is keep me in touch with my friends and I wish it did.

What about you? Does Twitter keep you connected with your offline friends?