I Wish I Knew How To Code

Knowing how to code will be one to of the greatest skills we can have. I really believe this to be true. If my girls ask me what they should learn in school, what electives they should take, I’m going to tell them to learn to code.

I’m not talking about becoming a full-time developer as a profession, but to have the ability to code as a secondary skill, the ability to build your own website, or blog, and to create your own simple applications etc. Being able to code will be a huge benefit in our lives.

Software is everywhere around us. It continues to power more and more of what we do everyday. Software is no longer just used in business applications for big business or to create off the shelf consumer apps like Quicken. Software has permeated all aspects of our lives, especially if your life has moved online. Bloggers know exactly what I’m talking about. Knowing the simplest of HTML code is a huge benefit.

The complexity of application development is increasingly becoming more simple. Developing applications can be done in days instead of weeks and months. What once took tens of people and 100,000’s of dollars can now be done with a few people for a few thousand dollars. Teams of one are cranking out popular IPhone apps at record breaking speeds. It no longer takes a hoard of developers and a bunch of money to create cool, fun, functional applications.

Knowing how to code will create all kinds of advantages. It creates less dependency on professional coders. It will allow folks to create their own personal applications. I love this. How cool would it be to create your own slew of personal applications that make your daily life easier. People who know how to code will have a stronger, more attractive online presence. Knowing how to code will bring a number of advantages.

App’s are becoming even more ingrained into our day to day. They are getting to be easier and easier to make. Being part of this ecosystem will be huge.

I don’t know how to code and it kills me. I have to hire someone every time I want to update my blog. I can’t build my own applications. I can’t participate in this burgeoning ecosystem.

I’m making it a goal to learn how to code. Looking forward, it’s the right thing to do.

What about you? Do you want to learn to code?