I Suck!

I suck at a lot of things:

I’m easily distracted
I’m terrible with minutia and details
I can be terse
I’m terrible at time management
I work in spurts
I don’t like to be told what to do
I am disorganized
I will ignore the little things
I expect people to keep up with me and offer little information
I suck at follow through
I can quit on ideas and people too quickly
I can be resistant to learning when I don’t like something
I suck at writing and have terrible grammar, thank goodness for spell check
I suck at a whole lot more of things.

What I don’t suck at is knowing I suck and it keeps me from sucking at even more things. Knowing I suck allows me to get better at the things I suck at.

No one is good at everything. We all suck at a lot of things. The key is to know.

What do you suck at?