I Guess It’s Official

I received a notice from Go Daddy the other day letting me know the asalesguy.com URL was expiring.  I bought asalesguy.com two years ago when I started this blog.  I didn’t give much thought to how long I would blog for, but I guess I figured it would be for at least two years.

If you google “sales guy” this blog comes up number two.  If you google “a sales guy” this blog is the first three returns.   Thirty four % of the traffic on this blog comes from search engine traffic.  The URL is working.

The two year anniversary of this blog is in a month.   I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.  The blog has great google juice.  The community is awesome.  Why stop now?

I bought asalesguy.com for 9 more years.  In nine years I will be 52.  Who knows what will be going on then, but I know I’ll have this URL.   Nine more years, I guess that makes it official.