I Frick’n Love YouTube

Youtube, Vimeo, or any other online video servie, I frick’n love them all.   I can’t search them for crap. Their search capabilities completely suck. But, right now that doesn’t matter to me.   What I love about social video is that it’s encouraging people to create their own content.  It’s encouraging people and companies to share ideas.  Ideas, and thoughts once NEVER shared are now shared, and we all benefit from that.

I saw this video on Tumbler today.  It expemplifies exactly what I’m talking about.  I don’t care if it is staged and is an ad or not.  It’s still a great story, a great message and it’s entertaining.  It’s an awesome vid!

You couldn’t find this stuff 10 years ago. There were no incentives for people to create this stuff. Beyond the lack of incentive, it was too costly to create and distribute content like this. Therefore, most of us kept it in our heads. It was rarely shared and we all lost out. YouTube changed that. They created the incentive to share and made it easier to distribute.

We are all better off because of it and I think it’s frick’n great! Now if they could just create a search that doesn’t suck.



(There is a great sales message in the video too.  Don’t let that get lost on you)

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