I Bought my Daughters Names

I didn’t actually buy their names, but I did buy their URL’s.  I got them from Go Daddy.   I bought my first two daughters last year and my new daughters this past week.  I bought them for 10 years.  That was the longest I could tie them down.  It cost about 100 bucks for each name.  Not too bad in the scheme of things.  I think literally owning our names will be quite valuable soon. As identities online become more and more pervasive, owning the URL to our name will be an important element in managing our online presence.

I’ve talked about it before.  The most valuable asset we will have in the future will be our online presence.  It will act as an enabler to much of our life including; the schools we go to, the jobs we get, the person we marry and more.

There are a lot of things parents are responsible for with kids; education, values, safety, etc.  I’m adding one more to the list and it’s buying their names, literally.

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