How Teaching is the New Selling

I’m doing a webinar tomorrow with LeadLifter,“How Teaching is the New Selling,” Are you Ready?” I’m going to talk about the difference between a sales organization and teaching organization. I’ve talked a lot about the importance of building a teaching organization as opposed to a sales organization and tomorrow I’m going to walk through how organizations can do that and what the difference is.

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Sales environments have changed.  Buyers have far less time for superfluous engagement targeted toward the sellers products and services. Buyers are desperate to learn. They want expertise. They want new ideas. They need prevailing ideas challenged. None of this can be done without a strong teaching organization.

I’m excited about this webinar. If you’re struggling to get your team to teach more and sell less. If you’re looking for ways to get buyers to invite you deeper into their world, then check it out.  It’s gonna be fun.

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