How to Manage Your Sales Stack!!


Look at all the sales tools on in this graphic. It’s frickin’ crazy.  We are being barraged and overwhelmed with more sales tools than we know what to do with. What’s even crazier is I recognized there are a number of tools that aren’t even on this list. Which means that in spite of the craziness of this graphic there are many more tools not listed here.

The world of sales enablement and sales tools is growing like wildfire. New tools are being launched, funded, and sold every day, and it’s becoming a complete cluster. Keeping up is a chore. How are we supposed to know which ones work? Which is a waste of time? Which deliver on their promise, which don’t?

How do you build processes to vet new tools? How do you develop processes to introduce and implement new sales tools?  How do you go back and evaluate if a tool is working for your organization and if you should keep it or get rid of it? Let’s keep it real; these tools cost money and if you’re not paying attention can add up to some serious coin.

My back of the napkin estimate is the average small to mid-size company has 7-9 SaaS applications or sales tools in their sales stack. As if that’s not enough, they are getting inundated by sales people every day to add new ones. The sales SaaS app is the crack of today’s sales organization.

Insert Nancy Nardin

#SalesJOLT - Nancy Nardin Twitter 3

Nancy is the sales tool Queen and the Founder and CEO of Smart Selling Tools.   If there is anyone who can help you make heads or tails of today’s web of sales tools, it’s Nancy.

Nancy is going to be on this week’s episode of The Word this Thursday: Episode 29 Taking the B.S. Out of Sales Tools. If you want to know what’s hot in sales tools, how to determine what tools are best for your team and when you should get rid of them then this episode 29 is NOT to be missed.

Also, check out Nancy’s Top Sales Tools of 2016 guide.  This is the comprehensive sales tool guide out there today.

See you on Thursday.

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