How Often Do You Visit?

My numbers have been up rather sharply lately.   Visitors to the site are up almost 50% in the last month.   Based on the analytics, I’m getting visitors from all over the place.   I’m not sure why they are going up.  I haven’t done anything different.  I haven’t been linked to by TechnCrunch, Fred Wilson or Seth Godin.   🙂

This got my wondering — who reads my blog and how often.

I can get a decent idea of who reads this blog through the Mybloglog widget on the right. I like to see who the recent readers are especially when a mini celebrity swings by.  It’s fun.   But that only tells part of the story.

I’m also curious how often you all read this blog.  Is it once a week, a couple of times a week etc.   I figured I’d take a little Poll to find out.  I put it in the side bar.  Let me know how often you visit.

If you want to be super crazy, share why you visit in the comments.   I’ll make sure I keep doing that.