How Do You Do It?

To sell, or to do any job at that matter, you have to know how YOU do it.

Yes there are rules, guidelines, operating procedures, and suggested approaches on how to do what you do. But, beyond that there is the way YOU do your job. What’s interesting about this is you get to decide.  You get to decide how you are going to do your job. You get to bring more (or less) to the table than is required and that’s what makes each of us different. We get to decide if we are going to bring passion or intensity. We get to decide if we will use more data or better relationships. We get to decide if we will be agents of change or protect the status quo. We get to decide the things in the cracks of our job.  How we do what we do is the mortar. It makes what we do better (or worse).

Knowing how we do what we do is the goal.

How do you do what you do?  If your answer can be found in your company manual, try again.

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