#heykeenan Is In The House – My Take, On Your Questions


It’s here. #heykeenan

It’s my new show where I take your questions via the hashtag #heykeenan and answer them on video.

In Take 1 of our inaugural show we tackle the challenge of dealing with a prospect that won’t work with you, but they are stringing you along.


I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile.  I’m sure many of you remember when I had office hours. I would leave one hour a week open to anyone to who wanted to talk to me and ask questions. I loved office hours. Three twenty minute slots open to anyone with a sales, business, marketing, or leadership question.

I stopped doing them when the platform I was using O-hours shut down. But now I’m back answer questions, just on a larger scale, so more people can learn and grow.

Will I start up office hours again? I don’t know. But until then I’ll be giving you my take on your questions on #heykeenan.

Enjoy peeps!