#Heykeenan Take 28: Coaching Sales People and Preparing for a Discovery Call

#heykeenan Take 28 is FINALLY done.

Getting this take done was the biggest pain in the ass. It took 4 takes. We never do more than one take. #heykeenan is unedited and unscripted. But in this case, the mic kept going out and we didn’t know. We’d get to the end, upload and no sound.

It happened 4 times before we finally go it to work.

We’re convinced this episode is cursed or haunted.  It must be Halloween.

Craziness aside, in this Take, I talk about coaching responsibility and where the coach plays vs where the sales person is responsible for their own development.

I also talk about how I research for a discovery call.

Discovery calls are critical. They are the most important part of selling

I’m glad this Take is over, but in the end, it was a killer take.