Help for The Grammar and Spelling Challenged

I’ve written a lot about grammar and grammar nazis. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know I’m not the best editor and my spelling and grammar here are suspect to criticism. With that said, my issue with grammar has never been that it doesn’t matter as much is that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t detract from the message or story.

It appears that not everyone agrees with me. Grammarly, a cool service that edits your content in seconds, put out this infographic the other day. It tells a very interesting story.




It sold me. I signed up for the service and will be using it via their free 7-day trial. Even if you aren’t grammar or spelling challenged you should seriously consider getting it. Use it for important emails to clients. Use it for your resume. Use it for all your important writing.

Grammar matters, but not so much that it takes hours to edit and limits your output. With Grammarly, that’s no longer a problem. Edit your writing in seconds, and then you stop worrying, you just know.

Grammarly has pretty much taken away any excuse for grammatical errors.

Ya gotta love a site that takes away excuses. I love it!