Have Fun Filling Out Your Expense Reports



Filling out expense reports sucks. So does updating the CRM. There’s a lot of boring shit that goes with selling and being a sales person. But at A Sales Guy we don’t believe it has to be boring. So our Marketing Maven Ruth Penders came up with a #badass idea. She came up with Club ASG. Club ASG is a Spotify Playlist to help you rock out when you’re doing all that boring sales shit, that’s not selling.

Expense reports are boring and a pain in the ass to fill out. But, it’s part of the job, don’t complain, just plug into Club ASG’s Sales Pump Playlist and rock out while you get em done.

Yeah, your Salesforce.com isn’t up to date.  We all know it. So go update the close dates, get rid of the deals that aren’t going to close and close out the old activities and do it all while you’re jammin’ to Macklemore.

If you’re a nerd and don’t know what’s hip today, we’ll be adding new hip tunes to keep you in the know.

Just because we have boring shit to do that’s part of the job, we don’t have to make it boring and A Sales Guy is here for you.  The best part, it’s a collaborative list so add to it, the more the better.