This blog was hacked recently. I don’t know when exactly, but when I went to post this a.m., I couldn’t. The admin page was all jacked up.

It took a few hours and it was back up by mid-day, thanks to WordPress designer extraordinaire Jayvie Canono @onefinejay. He reinstalled WordPress and restored all my files.

What bothers me most isn’t the few hours it was down and the inconvenience it caused but the principle of it all.

How is it some people chose to leverage their skills and talents for destruction? With talent in such demand to do good, why consciously chose to do bad? I can’t get my arms around it. I’m not so naive to believe that everyone is inherently good. I get doing bad things for personal gain, but foolish, destructive behavior for ego? I don’t get it.

I did the stupid physical equivalent when I was a kid. Egging houses, toilet papering yards, but that didn’t take talent and was normally spur of the moment. I get the occasional, teenage prank, but I’m not sure this falls into that category. The time and effort used to create the malicious code was far greater than the 30 – 45 min it took me and my friends to drape TP all over a tree.

We, now, more than ever need to be focusing on the good, building things up and making things better, not destruction. I don’t expect that this post will stop the behavior. But, I wish it would. A lot of people could benefit from the talents of the people who took this blog down today.

They’re not and that’s too bad.