Great Idea, But . . .

In 2009, in the middle of the economic melt down, Hyundai was the only car company that grew. They grew because they offered the job assurance guarantee. If you bought a Hyundai and lost your job, you could return the car.

It was a GREAT idea and a brilliant sales strategy.

More impressive however, was the ability of Hyundai to executie on the idea. It started with someone in the company saying; “I have a great idea.” and no one saying; “Yes, but.”

Too often great ideas are met with “BUT!”  Yeah, that is a great idea but . . . The “but” stops ideas in their tracks. “Buts” treat ideas like inconveniences. “Buts” create uphill climbs for ideas. “Buts” say, I’m not too interested in working on this idea. “Buts” suggest, alternative ideas aren’t welcome.

Ideas that work are followed by “And!”  “And” adds to the idea. “And” opens the door to exploring the idea further. “And’ says I’m interested in participating in this idea. “And” says new ideas are welcome. “And” says its OK to explore this idea further and see where it goes.

Offering a job assurance guarantee isn’t a novel idea. It wasn’t that hard to come up with. An idea like that however is EASY to follow with “buts” and buts kill ideas.

What happens in your organization when an idea is put on the table. Is it a great idea BUT . . .

or is it a great idea AND . . .

It matters.


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