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I’ve had my mail hosted by Go Daddy for years.  I’ve been fairly happy with it.   What was there not to be happy with.  I sent email, I received email.  It all worked.   Things have changed.   I now have an IPad, an IPhone, and a Mac.   My current email is a POP mail box.  This means that the email clients on each of my devices doesn’t sync with the server.   I will read an email on my laptop and delete it, but it is still sitting on my IPad and my IPhone.  As I move from device to device email starts piling up.   It’s a pain in the ass.   I end up not being able to find emails as new ones get lost with the old ones.   I can have 100’s of “unread”, read messages on any of my mobile devices at a time.   It sucks.

I finally said enough and decided to switch to Google mail.  The main reason I did this instead of just turning on IMAP for Go Daddy was it was free.   Beyond that I liked the Gist plugin for Google Mail and Google Docs.  It made no sense to pay Go Daddy for a service that had less options.

I asked a friend to help with the transition, not being a technical guy, but he was “too busy.”  Aren’t we all.  So, I said screw it and decided to do it myself.   To be safe and establish a learning environment, I started with my personal mailbox.  That way I knew if I screwed it up, I wouldn’t be screwed.

I ran a few google searches to figure it out.  Then went to Google, signed up and followed their instructions.  It wasn’t a painless effort.  I had to call Go Daddy once, but it wasn’t that hard either.  Once I finished pointing my email box to Google, it propagated right away and I was in business.  It didn’t take anywhere close to the 24-48 hours I was told it would take.  The one thing I don’t like is all my “read” email still sits in the old box.  I haven’t figured out how to import it to the Google Mail.   If anyone knows how, I’m listening.  I don’t want to have to keep the old accounts in my Mail client just for archive purposes. I’m using Apple Mail for the client.

Tonight, I’m going to move my the email over to Google.  I will then be 100% mail Googlefied.   I’m excited.  It will make managing a difficult situation easier.  No more artficial mobile device email backlog.

Ahhh, I can feel the relief already.

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