Good Speaks For Itself

The other day I got my hair cut. The stylist’s name was Christine and she was good. She didn’t have to tell me she was good.  I just knew it. Her attention to detail was excellent. She asked me questions along the way to make sure I got the cut I was looking for. She spent extra time on the difficult areas. She made sure the cut was even by going over the spots with the trimmers multiple times. Christine was thorough. She massaged my scalp during the wash. She put towel around the sink so my neck wouldn’t get cold. She was constantly going above and beyond. Christine gave me a great cut!

When something or someone is good we know it. We don’t have to ask ourselves; “was that good?” It’s obvious. We don’t need someone to point good out. We see it automatically. When we get good service or get a good product or have a good experience it speaks for itself.

We spend a lot of time these days telling everyone how good our products are, or how good our service is. I can’t help but wonder if we’d be better off is we spent that time and money on just being really good; — good speaks for itself.