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My friend Seth Levine over at Foundry Group is looking to make a push with his blog. Seth is a great writer, with killer ideas.  Beyond his intellect, Seth is a shit-cool guy.  He and I met at an empty trade show booth during Defrag about 2 years ago.   I was squatting in the Gist booth just bullshitting with @lizasperling when he walked up to get his bag.  We’ve been friends ever since.

Seth writes a great blog.  He’s (The Foundry Group) an investor in some cool companies.  The most recent big news was portfolio company Gist’s purchase by RIM.

Like I said, Seth writes a cool a blog.   In a conversation we had this morning, I was encouraging him to blog more. and it got us on the topic of, well, topics.  It’s hard to come up with stuff everyday. He said it was one of his challenges to blogging more  Because I want him writing more stuff, more often, I told him I would ask this community to give him some ideas.   If you want to get into the head of an VC of the same ilk as Fred Wilson, Mark Suster or his partner Brad Feld, then go check him out.  If you need data, he was identified as one of the top 50 VC’s in the country.  Give Seth a little push.  Let him know what you’d like him to blog about.  He’s listening.

If he sucks blame him. If you love him, feel free to come back and thank me.  I’m good like that.

(Seth, it’s up to you now brother. Here is to a post a day. Go get him tiger!)




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