Get Linkedin Working for You

With most tools, you get what you put into them and Linkedin is no different.

For most, Linkedin is a way to connect with past co-workers, find prospects and find a job.  But, Linkedin is so much more than that.

Linkedin is a powerful tool to help you grow your business and your sales engine, IF you know how to use it.

To help you get the most out of it, Kurt Shaver of the Sales Foundry is putting on a Social Selling Boot Camp on how to use Linkedin for social selling.

In Kurt’s words:

LinkedIn is the No. 1 tool for B2B prospecting but having a LinkedIn account is like having a gym club membership. You won’t see results unless you know how all the equipment works and use it on a regular basis. The 30-Day Social Selling Boot Camp delivers both. In this 30-day, hands-on virtual program, you will:

  1. – Build a Killer LinkedIn Profile
  2. – Grow Your Professional Network
  3. – Connect with More Decision Makers
  4. – Position Yourself as an Expert

This program combines the convenience and affordability of online delivery with the accountability effectiveness of The Sales Foundry’s private coaching programs. It includes:

  1. – 4 x 1-hour hands-on instructional webinars
  2. – 4 x 1-hour group Q/A + coaching sessions
  3. – Social Selling Boot Camp Handbook
  4. – Daily email actions to get you using LinkedIn features
  5. – Certificate of Completion

You can learn more and register at A Sales Foundry 

If you aren’t using the total power of Linkedin you are leaving money on the table and who wants to do that?

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