Finally! A New School Sales Conference


It’s a giant ping pong joint in the Flatiron District of downtown Manhattan.  It’s one of those hip places you’ll see millennials kickin’ it on a Saturday night. It’s not a stuffy, hotel conference room with 100’s of round tables, covered neatly with white table cloths, all awaiting a day of talking heads. Ugh!  It’s one of those places that reminds you of how cool New York City is and it’s where the NYC Sales Hacker Conference is going to be this upcoming Thursday. Now, that’s new school.

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For the past several years, I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a new school sales conference. Now I don’t have to because, Max Altschuler has done it. He’s created the Sales Hacker Conference.  It’s a hip, real sales conference, dropping crazy wisdom on sales leaders, sales people AND the sales automation companies who are trying to change the world of sales and he’s rewriting the rules of sales conferences at the same time. The goal is to connect todays sales automation companies, with its blister pace of growth, with sales organizations who are woefully missing out on the bad ass sales efficiency that can be gained through these sales automation tools.

We’ll uncover the secret sauce that powers entire sales processes from lead gen to proposal to close and beyond. Everything covered will be immediately actionable so you can go home and implement these strategies and tactics directly into your company.

As much as the conference is about connecting these two groups of folks, who stand to gain so much from one another, the Sales Hacker conference is also about teaching mad sales and sales leadership skills like:

  • Lead generation and list building tools and processes to creating an outbound sales – machine.
  • Outsourcing and automating the entire sales funnel.
  • Relationship building and engagement strategies that will not only boost open rates but develop trust from potential partners, clients, and recruits.
  • Creating new viral sales channels where your partners do the leg work for you.
  • Hiring the best salespeople and the right salespeople for your team that ramps up fast, every single time.
  • Building a sales culture that motivates employees to hit their goals and makes them love their job.
  • Scaling all of the above, while doing all of the above, and doing it right.

If you like the “idea” of sales conferences, but don’t actually like sales conferences, the Sales Hacker Conference is definitely worth checking out. The speaker list is pretty bad ass too, including my boy Kyle Porter CEO of SalesLoft, Hubspots top money go getter, Mark Roberge, Tawheed Kader CEO from ToutApp and more.  So go register now. To make it even more dope, Max has given ASG community folks a little discount love. Use ASGVIP in the promotional code section and save a little coin.

Let’s grow this sucker! It’s time for a new school sales conference and Sales Hackers is heading in the right direction.



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