Family Time

Long weekends in the summertime have always been family time for us. The extra day away from the hectic, and increasingly demanding world of work feels great and we take advantage of it. It’s all about family.

The family grew by one this past April and so things are that much more lively around here. Today we’re going to take the girls to hit some golf balls, have a nice lunch and spend some time at the pool. The girls love the pool.

It seems more and more difficult to break away from work these days. We are always tethered via email, mobile phones and more. The lines between work and personal life are increasingly blurred. But, long weekends have been a no touch zone. A time when no one is expected to do anything but be with family.

That’s exactly what we plan to do today.

We hope you get some good family time in today as well.

Happy Memorial Day!!!