Facebook is Going to Change Your Life

A friend of mine Paul Dunay from Buzz Marketing For Technology just published an ebook: 7 Ways Facebook is Going to Change Your Life and it’s good. Paul and I have had many passionate conversations about where social media is going and its impact on society. We both agree; we are going through a cultural revolution of sorts, similar to those experienced by the introduction of the telephone at the turn of the century, the air conditioner and the television. How we communicate ideas is changing. How companies talk to us is changing. The definition of friends is changing. Its changing in profound ways and Paul has a unique view of it all.

I think Social Media is going to be at the core of our society very soon. It will influence everything, from how we buy products, our careers, how we interact with our friends; how we engage with the TV and other entertainment. It’s going to change our lives.

Getting a view into this new world is tough. Like times past, many predictions seem funny now, while others are spot on. Paul does a good job in providing a good view to where things are going. I won’t be surprised if the all his predictions are spot on.

I hope Paul is accurate. I like the idea of a world where my network and I are at the center.

What do you say now Copernicus?