Extreme Uncertainty

“Conditions of Extreme Uncertainty” The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 9 from TechStars on Vimeo.

Extreme uncertainty is exactly what makes start-ups hard and fun and exciting.

We live in a world that craves predictability, we want and need to know what is coming next. No matter what it is, we want it to be predictable; earthquakes, Wall Street, the weather, whatever.

Maybe that’s why few people have what it takes to start a company.

We’ve been programed to demand certainty and predictability. The problem is nothing is predictable, it’s all a mirage. Wall Street crashes unexpectedly, earthquakes happen when we least expect them, the weather is rarely what we want it to be.

It makes me wonder what more could we accomplish if we weren’t so dependent on predictability and certainty.

I guess we could start by asking entrepreneurs.


This is a good Techstars video about the challenge of “extreme uncertainty” and how this years start-ups are addressing it. I have a “cameo” in the video. Autographs provided upon request. 😉