Expectations — Yours, Mine and Ours

When it comes to selling we should be doing everything we can to make a good product. We need to think about the customer experience, the value our customers get, and the utility our products and services bring. A lot is written about building and selling good stuff.

What we seem to forget is, it’s not only how good the product is or what it does, but what our customers EXPECT from it. When you confuse us, you don’t meet our expectations and that’s a problem.

At dinner last night I ordered a chile relleno. It was good. But, It wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t deep fried, there was no deep fried crispy shell. The chili relleno was wrapped in egg. It was more like a chile relleno omelet. I liked it. I ate it. But I was confused. It didn’t meet my expectations. BigE was even more frustrated. It’s not a chile relleno she said. Maybe not to her or me, but it was to them and that’s the problem.

It didn’t matter how it taste, it didn’t meet our expectations and therefore negatively affected our experience.

We all have a vision of what we expect to get when we buy something. If it isn’t met, we’re not happy. Regardless of how good it is.

When you sell, set the right expectation. If you don’t all your good efforts will be wasted.

It was a good chile relleno, but all we can remember is it wasn’t what we expected.