EpicMix 2012

I went skiing for the first time today.  I went with my oldest two girls.  We had a blast.  They didn’t want to stop. I love that. While on the hill we had this picture taken.



It was taken by one of the Vail photographers that were scattered all over the hill.  In bright green jackets; they were everywhere. You couldn’t miss them.

They took the picture for free and with in an hour it was auto-posted to our EpicMix account. I’ve heard some people say it happens instantly. It was pretty frickin’ cool. If my EpicMIx account settings were set to auto-post photo’s to my Facebook Profile or Twitter account, the pictures would have been automatically posted to those accounts.  I’m going to turn those settings on too.

EpicMix was fun last year.  This year Vail Resorts has taken it up a notch. EpicMix Photo, as it’s called, lets guests have a digital photo collage of their entire vacation and share it with their friends and family.  If a guest wants a high-resolution photo for printing they can order it right from their EpicMix account as well.

Epic Mix still tracks your vertical feet skied, tracks the lifts you ride, let’s you connect with friends on the hill and earn digital badges or pins as you explore the mountain, but now you can capture photos too.  Right now you can only get photo’s from their photographes, however I’ve been told you will soon be able to take your own pictures and upload them to your EpicMix account. Combined, all these features make for a great skiing experience.

Vail Resorts is killing it from a social media perspective and EpicMix photo is just another example of this.

I’m looking forward to using this with my Ski School clients.  They are gonna love it.  My girls and I already do.

If you come to any of Vail Resorts properties, EpicMix with Photo is a MUST.

I love technology.

Think snow!!!!

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