Doing versus Keep Doing

You can’t get too far from the social media experts who tell you to, hustle, grind, put in the work, just do it.  It’s a pretty popular message and it makes sense. You can’t finish unless you start.

But, doing isn’t has hard as keep doing.

It’s easy to write a blog post, it’s not easy to write one every day for a week or a year.

It’s easy to read a good book, it’s not easy to read a book a week/month for a year.

It’s easy to eat healthy over the weekend, it’s not easy to keep eating healthy.

It’s easy to go to the gym once or twice, it’s not easy to keep going to the gym.

It’s easy to start a lot of things, it’s just not so easy to keep doing them.

We spend billions of dollars and billions of hours every year starting things. Imagine if we kept doing the things we started. The hustle and grind

The hustle and grind are in the keep doing category. It’s the ugly, boring, getting your hands dirty, while you struggle to keep going. It’s not just doing it, it’s doing it over and over for a long time.

Maybe it’s time we switch from just do it, to keep doing it. That appears to be the part we struggle with.