Dispatch – A Killer Collaboration Tool


I’ve been using a new collaboration tool called Dispatch and it’s pretty frickin awesome.

Dispatch allows multiple people, thus the collaboration, to easily share, communicate, engage, edit and collaborate in a single place. One of things I like most about dispatch is how well it integrates with all of my existing document locations; Evernote, Dropbox, Google, and my hard drive.

Dispatch describes themselves this way:

Dispatch is the smart way to share documents and work on them with other human beings. We’re on a mission to make the cloud services you already have working for you work even harder by making it really easy to view and discuss files and documents. You never have to upload twice, and nobody ends up working on the wrong thing. Magic.


I’m currently working on a social media survey report and have been using Dispatch as the collaboration tool and it’s been awesome. We connected a Dropbox folder to a “dispatch” which is the name given to the individual working areas. Once connected, every time we updated the file in Dropbox it automatically updated the file in Dispatch where everyone could see it.  Dispatch has a slick content viewer that makes it easy to see the most recent updated file. Below the viewer is a place for comments. The comment section creates a killer dialog stream, where everyone can see what everyone else thinks, suggests, etc. The stream allows for in thread reply’s which helps with the engagement.

Dispatch is simple and clean. They’ve clearly adopted Eric Reis, Lean Startup methodology. Setting up a “dispatch” is quick and easy. They don’t make things complicated with too many bells and whistles.

If you collaborate on any projects you should check out Dispatch. I currently have 5 working dispatches going and I’m loving it.