Check Out This Gong. It’s So Loud, It Can Be Heard Around the World!

Have you seen this yet?  ToutApp’s virtual gong?  I love this idea. They showed it to me before the launch and it’s cool.

Do you have or remember the bell or gong that would be rung in the office after someone closed a deal? Can you recall the sound of the bell shaking you unexpectedly while you were on a call or working diligently? Do you remember the feeling of accomplishment and excitement when the bell was being rung for you, announcing your most recent closed deal? Do you remember clapping, shouting out, “woot, woot” in celebration of your fellow teammates win? Do you remember the sense of pride, camaraderie, and excitement you felt when the gong would pierce the office? Do you remember the motivation it created as it reminded you that others were selling, deals could be closed and you weren’t alone?   Now all those feelings, emotions and motivational energy can be felt digitally with ToutApp’s virtual gong.

Sales is becoming increasingly virtual, with sales people geographically dispersed all over the country and the world. Keeping them connected is becoming more difficult, yet it’s still as critical as ever to build and maintain a sense of unity and connectedness. The virtual gong does this brilliantly.

Simple describes the virtual gong. It simply sends a notification to everyone in the sales organization when a deal has been closed. The notification includes the sales person’s name, the deal they closed and the amount of the deal in a fun, visually pleasing format. You can see it in action here;

I love this idea. It’s simple, yet keeps the entire sales organization in synch and in touch with one another.

I give this idea  HUGE props on the creativity scale. Check it out and let me know what you think. Do you think it’s a motivator or a pain in the ass distraction?