Notice anything different about this blog?

Keep looking!  What’s changed?

Do you see it?

I updated my 411.  I’m making some big changes!

I’ve decided to leave 2Wire/Pace.   I had a good run.  In just one year we accomplished a lot of great things.   We created and implemented a new sales process.  We introduced a new “commit” culture.  We created a governance model, implemented a formal operational reporting dashboard and more.  I’m proud of what we accomplished.  However, it is time to move on.

I’m moving on to do my own thing.   I’m going to continue to provide sales consulting but the majority of my time is going to be spent running Socially Booked.  Yup, my own gig.

I had the idea for Socially Booked a while back.  I found a developer who I fed the features and ideas to, he then built the application.   I’ve been showing it to Ski Resorts around the country to tremendous response.  We’ve built a healthy pipeline.  It looks like we’re on to something.

Socially Booked is a social media platform designed specifically for ski and snowboard schools.  Think Facebook for ski instructors.  Socially Booked helps ski and snowboard schools increase revenue, improve booking rates, increase return visits and improve the overall guest experience. We make this happen by providing ski resorts the ability to offer their ski and snowboard instructors with their own social media pages to promote themselves and the mountain.  Instructors can upload videos and photos, blog, connect with guests online, provide lesson feedback at the end of the day and more.  Socially Booked allows ski resorts to build engaging online communities with their guests and their ski instructors under the mountains own brand.

I’m in my sixth year of ski instruction.  As much as I’ve loved it, I’ve always been frustrated with the lack of tools to promote myself and my home mountain.  Today, I use Facebook, Twitter, this blog, and Tumblr. Most of you know I am a ski instructor, but it’s all separate from my home Mountain, Vail.   I wanted to have something that was connected to the mountain where I taught which would allow me to promote myself AND offer more value to my clients.   It was through this frustration I came up with the idea for Socially Booked.   Socially Booked is completely disruptive to the ski industry.   Currently, nothing like this exists. The idea of connecting with ski instructors online before and after the lesson is completely new to the ski industry.  This is what makes it so exciting. We have the ability to fundamentally change how instructors and guests communicate, how mountain resorts engage with guests and most importantly how ski and snowboard schools provide lessons, both on and OFF the snow.   I couldn’t be anymore pumped with where we are and the impact we are making in the world of skiing.

Equally as important to where I’m going, I want to tell you how I came to this decision.

One weekend a month or so ago, I had an appointment to do a Socially Booked demo.   I drove up to the mountain early in the a.m. with my partner.  It was dumping as we went over the pass.  We arrived at the resort about 8:30.   We sat in a Starbucks preparing for the demo as the snow just came down around us.  At 11:00, I met with the Director of the ski school. He gave me a complimentary pass and we went out pounded the hill.  We skied 10+ inches of fresh pow as he gave me a mountain tour.    At 1:30, we came down and we did the demo for the V.P. of Skier Services, the marketing manager, and a few of the ski school managers.  I did the demo in my ski boots, ski pants and jacket.  They loved the concept.  We blew them away.  As we were driving back over the pass excited about the success of the demo it dawned on me.  That was a “work” day.  I got to ski 10 inches of powder for free and give a presentation in ski gear.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

My last day at 2Wire is next week.  Besides running Socially Booked day to day.  I’m going to spend sometime with the family (all my girls.)   I’m going to spend sometime skiing and get my PSIA Level 2 certification.  I’m going to continue sales consulting.  I’m going to have fun!

This is a big move.  If I said I weren’t nervous, I’d be a liar.  But, more than nervous, I’m excited.  It’s going to be a blast!  We’re changing the world of skiing.  How often do you get the chance to do something that can change everything?

. . . and of course I will share with this community all the ups and downs.  Stay tuned!