Brand Connectedness

This morning I read this quote from Burberry’s CEO, Angela Ahrendts and I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve highlighted the money part of the quote for me.

The experience would be that a customer would have total access to Burberry, across any device, anywhere. And they would get exactly the same feeling of the brand, feeling of the culture, regardless of when, where, how they were accessing the brand. Everyone now can come into Burberry World the journey and mission that Burberry is on. And for any CEO that is skeptical at all: You have to create a social enterprise today. You have to be totally connected with everyone that touches your brand. If you don’t do that, I don’t know what your business model is in five years.  — Angela Ahrendts Burberry

Still wondering if there is a place for social media or enterprise 2.0 makes for laggards.  Angela is right.

What is your business model in 5 years if your not connected with everyone that touches your brand?

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