Sales Video Short: Become a Giving Sales Person

Sales is a giving profession.

Unfortunately, most of us missed the memo.

We’re too busy asking for our prospects time. We want 10 minutes of their time to tell them how great we are. We want 30 minutes to barrage them with questions for our discovery call. We want 45 minutes to do a demo. Sales people and sales organizations are constantly in taking mode. They’re always looking to take from their prospects in pursuit of the next sale.

The irony is, we win when we give.

We need to learn to become giving salespeople, giving sales organizations.

We need to give insight, content, ideas, support, time and whatever else our customers and prospects need to see our value.

Start taking an inventory of what you and your organization give before you take. What value do you provide in the sales process? What do your prospects learn, experience and benefit from while they’re engaging with you?

It needs to be good.

Takers suck the life out of people and organizations. Don’t suck the life out of your prospects.