The Most Awkward Sales Moments


Every salesperson has them. You know, that awkward moment where you say something wrong, or the client does something crazy, or . . .   You can fill in the blank.  I remember my most awkward moment.

It was my first sales job. I had been in the position for about a 4 months. I was just finishing up a great sales call and in an effort to cement the relationship, I asked the buyer . . .

Ha, ha, not so fast. You’re gonna have to go to The Real Deal of Sales to find our what my gaffe was. It was for sure AWWWKWAAAARD! (said in a high-pitched, emphatic voice)

The next episode of The Real Deal of Sales is up and not only do I share my most awkward sales moment, I talk to sales people about theirs and they are pretty — awkward.


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