Are You Creative Enough?

I am constantly amazed at the complete lack of creativity in sales people.

Sales people are the extreme athletes of the business world, yet for some reason too many of us subscribe to the herd mentality — doing what everyone else does. The problem with doing what everyone else does is ONE, it’s boring and TWO, it lacks creativity.  Making it in sales requires creativity.

I promise you, the majority of people who are on the Presidents Club trip right now, didn’t do things like everyone else; they got creative.  Being creative means doing something other people haven’t thought of.  It means pushing the envelope. It means looking at a problem from a totally different angle.

Being creative means, not accepting traditional results.  Creative people get creative because they want more and don’t settle for the what the herd can get. The herd all eat the same grass.

Do you want to be eating the same grass as everyone else?

To be more creative consider these 4 things:

  1. Have the courage to be different, it takes guts to be creative, your approach shouldn’t be like everyone else’s and that’s the point.
  2. Broaden your awareness of your environment, your products and your customers. Creativity requires more knowledge than the heard.
  3. Switch up your environment, put yourself in different places — change inspires ideas.  Read books, blogs and industry mags you normally wouldn’t. Force your brain to play nice with others.
  4. Accept anything is possible.


If you start with, “It can’t be done”, you are right and everything stops.  Creativity is a commitment to do things differently.  Why eat the same grass, it’s a big field.

Break away from the herd!