Anyone Want to Play FourSquare Tag?

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I think Foursquare should add a new feature to their application called “Tag.”

Whenever you check in on Foursquare a list of the others who have recently checked in is prominently displayed. It’s on that locations check-in page. Tag would work by giving people extra points by finding and meeting the people who are checked in at the same place.

I see it working like this: when you check in, you look at the avatars of the people who are also checked in and try to find them. Once you find and meet them you both “tag” each other with a “tag” button on the app. By tagging each other you both are awarded extra points and are given the option to add your new friend as a foursquare friend. I can see Foursquare even creating a “tag” leader board ranking those who tag the most. (Jim Keenan is #2 and has tagged 30 people)

What I love about this feature is it increases offline interaction. I think there is tremendous value for social applications that combine both an online and offline experience. A feature like this on Foursquare has the potential to get more people using it, as there is another reason for people to check-in. It would work best for bars and restaurants, where meeting people is already part of the experience. I can imagine users taking a feature like this and creating a whole new set of games, extending the intentional use.

There is a lot of room for applications that bring people together offline and Foursquare is positioned well to make this happen in a fun, creative and exciting way.

This would be a killer feature. In the end you don’t need FourSquare to play Foursquare Tag, so I won’t wait. If you check-in Foursquare and I’m there, come find (Tag) me. I’ll tweet I’ve been tagged by you and, if appropriate, buy you a beer. Anyone else want to play?

Hey Foursquare, @dens you want to play tag?


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