An Excuse vs. A Reason

bridgeAn excuse is when we don’t take ownership. An excuse is when something could have been done and it wasn’t. An excuse is when you blame something or someone else for your failures. An excuse is when you make a mistake and don’t admit it. Excuses are a cop out and are inexcusable failures.

A reason is beyond your control. A reason is force majeure. A reason is when you take ownership for your mistakes and make a commitment to correct. A reason is when you’ve done everything possible and you’re still not successful. Reason’s come out of no where and are completely unexpected. Reasons are acceptable failures.

Excuses are not acceptable failures. They could have been prevented and they lack commitment and ownership. Reasons are acceptable failures. We learn from them, take ownership and avoid letting them happen again. Reason’s are how we grow.

Failure is good if you have a good reason not if you have a good excuse.