An Easy Way to Get the Internet on your TV

Boxee Box and Remote

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If there is a product out there that proves not all great ideas blow up, Boxee is it.  Boxee let’s you watch internet videos on your TV.  So what you say, so does AppleTv and Internet enabled TV’s. What makes Boxee different is I get my own account and am able to save Internet video’s I come across while on my laptop by simply clicking the “add to Boxee” plugin in my browser. The video is then saved to my Boxee account. At night, I can sit down in front of my TV and watch all the videos I saved throughout the day. lt’s an awesome feature. I watch less broadcast TV now than I ever have.

Boxee  allows you to stream Netflix and Vudu, and view your own media (video’s picture etc.) You can watch TV Shows, download applications like TED.  I love this, I now get my TED fix on my TV.  Boxee connects to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing you to share what your are watching with your friends.  It also pulls in the video’s your friends post to Facebook allowing you to watch them from the Boxee application.  Boxee allows you to connect with your Flickr account, MLB account and more as well.  It’s awesome.

I like what Boxee is doing.  They are bring Internet media to the big screen on your wall — the other screen. For me this is great. I’ve always struggled watching videos on my laptop. I don’t know why exactly, but I think it has something to do with how I’m seated. It’s not very comfortable to watch videos and movies sitting in an upright chair.  I much prefer to watch video on the TV.  Boxee let’s me do this.

Being able to save videos you come across while surfing the web or videos friends send to you to watch later, at your convenience, on your TV is a game changer. Yet, for some reason Boxee doesn’t appear to be getting much mainstream traction.  The Boxee box is only $179.00.  That’s a great deal to be able to use your big home screen to view Internet content.   I’m not sure why Boxee isn’t gaining more momentum. They should be.

I’m now going to watch a cool documentary from Snag Films that I saved to my Boxee account.  Did I say I’m going to be watching on my TV, from my couch? Oh, yeah I did. Pretty cool uh?

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