All The Noise!!!

I’m wondering if Twitter is becoming too noisy. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks my mentions have gone up big time. Yet, my blog visits have stayed flat.

The increase in mentions have been mostly links to my blog posts. You’d think, more mentions, more visits; not so much.

Twitters numbers are down for the month of October by 2.11%. I know that almost every Twitter user, uses a third party app to Tweet, but I have to ask the question. Is something going on?

There is no question about it. Twitter is loud. I’m wondering, is it getting too loud? Are people starting to tune out the noise? Are we ignoring the links? Tim Young CEO of SocialCast calls the excessive use of linking on Twitter, link carpet bombing and link vomit. Is he right?

Mentions up, followers up, blog views flat. Is Twitter slipping? Is just getting too loud? What do you think?