A Good Argument

I have new technical lead and developer at Socially Booked.  He is super talented, super smart, driven, and loves to snowboard.  Andrew is a passionate guy, who loves developing.  He is coding things in a day, other developers and coders say takes a week.  Andrew has one of those minds that just see things the rest of us don’t.   I’m very happy to have him on the team.

We are rebuilding the entire Socially Booked app from scratch.  We decided what we had wasn’t felixible, reliable and scalable enough to use.  It was a tough lesson to learn, but it is what is.  We’ve moved forward.  Since Andrew has come on and we’ve started working together there has been one very key change in the environment; there is a lot of arguing!

Andrew and I argue quite often, mostly via chat.  Sometimes my fingers get tired from all the back and forth and I have to call him to finish hashing it out.  My hands just don’t have the stamina.  We argue about features, how they should be created, why we need them, how they should be developed, what instructors, resorts, end-users want etc.  There isn’t much we haven’t argued about.  What is most interesting about our arguments so far is we almost always end up in a better place.

Traditionally it’s hard to argue about everything.  It can be taxing.  It requires a lot of emotion.  For us however it seems to be working.  We argue, we state our cases, we make a decisions.  And, almost every time it has been a better decision than if we didn’t argue.

Very happy to be working with Andrew.  Socially Booked is going to be the better for it.

Who do you argue with?  Does it make things better?

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