A Device that Doesn’t Share is No Device at All

I’ve come to a conclusion. Any electronic device designed, starting now, must have a sharing capability. If not, it’s no device at all. sharing

Sharing is part of our culture. We’ve always been sharers. It started on our front porches, at the picket fence or at the bar. We’ve always been a society of sharers. However, this part of us is exponentially taking off because of the Internet, email, Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc. It’s taking off because it’s easier, but it could be even easier if all devices made today could share.

What devices should be built to share that currently don’t:

The Kindle – should allow you to forward book passages and quotes to other Kindle users. It should alert or Twitter the books your just downloaded. It should allow you rate to the books you read and forward to your network.
I-Pods/Iphones – should allow users to notify friends what songs they downloaded, what their playlists look like, what their most listened to music is and how they rate their music. The iphones should share the applications downloaded.
Cars – should be able to share cool restaurants along specific routes, short cuts, traffic situations, location and music currently being listened to, just to name a few.
Home Stereo’s – should announce what your currently listening to, what you’ve listened to in the last 24 hours and what you’ve downloaded.
Refrigerators -should share with the grocery store what you’ve run out of. What has spoiled and what you go though quickly.
Camera’s– all cameras should have built in wifi, and allow you to email pictures as you take them. Phones, can do it, why can’t cameras?
TV’s – should alert your friends what your watching, what you’ve scheduled to watch, what you thought of it and forward to other friends. They should allow you to engage with your friends at the same time your watching the show, via chat and PIP (picture in a picture)

Sharing is what we do.  There is a lot to share that we still aren’t.  Devices created in the next few years that allow sharing will be the winners.  Those that don’t will just be another device.  If I made devices, I wouldn’t offer one that didn’t share.

Note to device manufacturers;  every device is a better device if it enables sharing. If your a manufacturing a device that doesn’t share, it’s no device at all.

What device would you like see built to share?