801 Posts on the Way to 1,000

I was struggling with a post topic today. I was looking at past posts looking for inspiration when I noticed my posts total. It’s 801. It was kind of shocking to see that number.  When I started blogging in February of 2009, I didn’t set out to post 801, or 1,000 at that matter.  I took it day by day.

It’s been an amazing journey. I have developed an entirely new group of friends and acquaintances. A fun and engaging community is sprung up around this blog and I’ve learned a lot.

I can see 1,000 posts is just around the corner. I don’t know how long I will post. I don’t know what the final number will be.  I do know that it’s not a 1,000. However, I will mark that day here. It seems like it might feel like a special day.

From 801, to 1,000 and then to ????, I’m going to take the approach I took when I started. I’m going to take it one day at at time.