5 Reasons Why the Super Bowl Should be a Holiday

I think SuperBowl weekend should be a national holiday.  I’ve felt this for a long time.  This country could use one day off that was solely for fun.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not to suggest the holidays we have now aren’t good holidays, but they are all serious.  They are religious like Christmas, or celebratory of a part of our history, like Thanksgiving, Fourth of July etc.  I think we could use a “just for fun” holiday.

Think about it.  America is the hardest working culture in the world.  We take less time off than any other developed country.  Football is purely an American sport.   Why shouldn’t we make Super Bowl weekend, a long weekend?

5 Reasons why the Super Bowl Should be a Holiday:

1) We already treat it like one – Super Bowl weekend already feels like a holiday.  Leading up to the game stores are packed.  During the game, like Christmas and Thanksgiving stores are dead and the streets are quiet as everyone is huddled together in celebration, in this case glued to their TV’s.  Even if you aren’t a football fan, you’re watching it. The Super Bowl is already and unofficial holiday, we might as well make it a real one.

2) We can use it – We work harder than any other country in the world.  We take less vacation time than anyone. We could use the extra time off, where we are not celebrating something and don’t have to feel guilty about not working.

3) It’s good for the economy – I’ve never seen the numbers, but I have to believe Super Bowl weekend ranks up there with other holidays for consumer spending.   If everyone knew they had Monday off too, spending would increase.  More people would travel for the weekends, have bigger parties and spend more.   A long Super Bowl weekend would be good for the economy.

4) It’s America’s Game – Football more than any other sport, including baseball is America’s game.  A billion people around the world watch the Super Bowl.  It’s the single most watched TV show every year.  We need to embrace this great piece of Americana.

5) Nothing Get’s Done on Mondays Anyway – Mondays after the Super Bowl are lost anyway.  Most people come in dragging from the party night before.  Those who don’t come in dragging from one too many, spend half the morning talking about it.  The first part of every Monday meeting starts with, “What did you think about the game?”    Monday’s after the Super Bowl are already lost, we might as well make it official.

Whether you are a football fan or not, a Super Bowl holiday is a no brainer.  Who wouldn’t want an extra day off for no other reason but for fun. No pomp and circumstance, no memorials, no religious obligations, no honoring of anyone or anything — just for fun.

Times are changing.  We are becoming a less formal society.  Making the Super Bowl a long holiday just makes sense.  Who’s with me?

I vote YEA, for a Super Bowl holiday.

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