4 Dudes, at a Bar, Playing Dice – There’s an App For That.

I’m in Aspen for my best friends 40th birthday. A bunch of friends from college all came in for the festivities. After dinner and a few beers someone suggested we play some dice. Not that any of us had a 5 dice in our pockets. The discussion started with: “go ask the bartender,” and “is there a 7 Eleven close by?” How could we get dice?

Then someone said: “I bet there is an iphone app.”

Yup, there’s an app for that.

The virtual dice acted exactly as if we had 6 real dice. We played 3’s, Fubar, Ship Captain, Crew. It was a blast.

With all the obvious, open, conversations around mobile growth and proliferation there are still thousands of uses yet to be discovered. The combination of the Internet, mobile handsets and open app stores (I know Apple isn’t “open”, I refer to open as the ability for most people to create an app and put it into a store that isn’t stuck behind a walled garden), is changing the way we communicate, engage, play and more.

Just 3 years ago, our idea to play dice at the bar would have died on the vine, OR someone would have to gone on a hunt. Last night we just downloaded an app.

Whether or not your a fan of being “always on”, it is changing everything and sometimes it makes fun, where fun didn’t exist.

I loved it. I won.