20 Bad Ass Chicks You Need to Know

In the ever accelerating world of lead management, there is a crew of women who are making a name for themselves by changing how sales and revenue are driven through leads. Those of us in sales, we like that, right? Good leads frickin’ rock!

These bad ass ladies were just recently announced by the SLMA (Sales Lead Management Association) on their 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management. I dig working with chicks, more so than dudes in many cases. I’ve find their presence brings greater unity, more innovation, creativity and empath to teams. So, I was stoked to see this list.

I believe the presence of women in sales is grossly under represented. Women are bad ass sales people and I personally want to see more making their mark. We (A Sales Guy Recruiting) were recently engaged in a number of high-profile sales people searches, when my lead recruiter asked; “Where are all the women? I can’t find any.” Her question hit me hard, because I knew she right. It’s hard to find women in sales, especially technology sales.

This list makes me happy and I hope to see more lists and exposure for woman like this one.  (Hmmm, idea swimming in my head.)

Check out these bad ass ladies, they do good stuff and deserve the recognition they’re getting.  And a little extra love to my girl Nancy Nardin. Way to go sister, way to go!

Winners (Twitter Account)  Company/Accomplishments

Lisa Arthur    Teradata

Marge Bieler RareAgent

Karla Blalock PointClear

Lisa Cramer   LeadLife Solutions

Robyn Davis  When I Need Help

Jeanne Hopkins Continuum Managed Services

Jocelyn King Altera

Janet Lee  Lattice Engines

Liz McClellan PGi

Laura McGuire Saligent, Inc.

Barbara Morris Laser Image

Margery Murphy Acadia Lead Management

Simone Nabers ReadyTalk

Ellie Mirman HubSpot

Nancy Nardin Smart Selling Tools

Hila Nir ZoomInfo

Genie Parker VanillaSoft

Laura Patterson  VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

Beki Scarbrough CA Technologies

Mari Anne Vanella The Vanella Group

Keep your eyes on these ladies, they are making things happen.